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Message from the Director


Dear Students,

           For the development of countries, highly qualified manpower specialized in every field is needed.The way to achieve this is to create high quality postgraduate programs and implement them effectively. This reveals how necessary and important graduate education is.The main purpose of postgraduate education is to provide specialization in a special field to people after undergraduate education and to help individuals reach higher levels by developing them professionally and academically.Teachers and teacher training programs are of great importance in training high quality individuals in the field of education. The postgraduate stage of these programs is carried out by the Institute of Education. Our Institute of Education, Eskişehir Osmangazi University consists of many programs in the field of educational sciences and teacher training. mission of our Institute acquired, sciences, education / teacher training in the theory and practice balance and on the basis of humanitarian sciences and society in Turkey is to train highly qualified people that the world needs science practitioners.Our Institute, H. J. Brown’s “Teaching means learning again.” As per word, our teachers and school administrators perform their duties in the best way in terms of reaching the equipment and expertise required by the age we live in and continue to develop by opening new graduate programs.

           I wish success to all our students and present my love

 Prof. Dr. M. Zafer BALBAĞ