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General Information


Eskisehir Osmangazi University Institute of Education is established in accordance with the 2010/103 decision published in the Official Gazette dated 26 February 2010 with the number of issue 27505. With the establishment of our institute, it started education in September 2010 with the graduate programs in the fields of Education Management, Inspection, Planning and Economics, Education Programs and Teaching, Classroom Teaching, Elementary Science Education  conducted in the Institute of Social Sciences and Science Institutes. 

Institute of Education is primarily intended for conducting graduate study, research and project in the field of educational sciences and teacher training. Institute of Education aims to contribute science in universal level by means of analyzing problems and politics of Turkish Education System, preparing reports about educational sciences and teacher training, as well as conducting conferences, seminars and panels especially in Eskisehir and near the city. In addition to universal contribution to science, raising high qualified scientists and leader practitioners are main goals of our institute.

Faculty includes computers and projection in every classroom. These equipments are used by students and teachers inside and outside the classrooms for the purposes of literature review, project and seminar preparation, and making presentations. Faculty and the central library computers are available for use throughout the week during office hours.